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  52 billion) into electric connected and autonomous vehicles by 2023, of which 9 billion euros will be allocated toward developing a family of electric cars, the carmaker said.Volkswagen on Friday said it can build up to 15 million electric cars using its new MEB vehicle platform, revealing the extent of the carmaker’s push High pressure washers accessoires Manufacturers to mass produce zero-emission vehicles.Volkswagen is investing more than 11 billion euros USD 12.

  The company churned out 61,394 Model 3s, up from a total of 53,239 Model 3s in the third quarter.Reuters calculated that Tesla’s third-quarter pretax profit was around $3,200 per vehicle delivered. Tesla said that based on its own compilation of analysts’ forecasts, its delivery numbers were in line with market expectations.Bank of America analyst John Murphy wrote that the numbers were in line with market consensus, though below the bank’s estimate of 71,500 Model 3s. for Tesla may be less robust," wrote Bank of America analyst John Murphy in a client note.Chief Executive Elon Musk, who has often set goals and deadlines that Tesla has failed to meet, surprised investors by delivering on his pledge to make Tesla profitable in the third quarter, for only the third time in its 15-year existence. For the first nine months of 2018, the company suffered a third-quarter loss per vehicle delivered of $8,019.. Tesla sales benefited from a $7,500 federal tax credit on electric vehicles throughout 2018, but that full credit expired at the end of 2018, and new buyers will now receive only half that amount.

  "The price cut is what’s driving the stock lower, as it openly acknowledges the sunset of subsidy dollars is a material headwind," said Craig Irwin, an analyst with Roth Capital Partners.EFFECT ON PROFIT?Hargreaves Lansdown analyst Nicholas Hyett estimated in a client note that if Tesla continues to deliver cars at the current rate, the price cut will mean $700 million in lost revenue in 2019."In our view, this move could suggest that what many bulls assume to be a substantial backlog .The price cut of $2,000 beginning on Wednesday on the Model 3 - as well as on its higher-priced Model S and Model X - took the market by surprise and weighed on the stock, pushing it down 6. But the company is unprofitable for the first nine months of 2018, and cash flow remains a concern for investors. Analysts questioned whether the $2,000 price cut on all models signaled lower demand in the United States, and ultimately whether the move would undermine nascent profitability at the Silicon Valley automaker, which has never posted an annual profit.

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  While Andhra Pradesh has signed an agreement to procure 10,000 EVs, EESL will be supplying 8,000 vehicles to Gujarat and 1,000 (in first phase) to Maharashtra.When asked about the companys decision to extend the bidding timelines for its second phase of 10,000 cars, he said, "we are still waiting for the department of heavy industry to finalise its new policy on charging stations before going ahead with a new tender for buying electric cars.EESL, a joint venture company of government-owned four power sector companies including NTPC, Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrification Corporation and Power Grid, has so far signed agreements with states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to supply EVs for government use."We are in talks with various states including Telangana, which will be soon launching its EV policy, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan among others," EESL managing director Saurabh Kumar told reporters here on Thursday. We are told that the policy will be out soon.The Maharashtra governments Electric Vehicle and Related Infrastructure Policy 2018 entails increasing the number of registered EVs in the state to 5 lakh and creation of one lakh jobs."For the other states, we will not be able to give the numbers as we have not signed the agreements, but we believe it will High Pressure Spray Gun Suppliers be significant," Kumar added.

  That’s not all, the company will even reimburse the amount spent on charging the scooter at home. The company claims a maximum realistic range of 75km for the 450 and 60km for the 340, although the ARAI certified ranges are much Data services like navigation, vehicle diagnostics and over the air updates are also covered under the subscription.But don’t let that expensive price tag fool you.The suspension setup comprises of telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock unit at the rear. GST). The motor generates 20Nm on the 340 and 20. The electric scooter also features a 200mm front disc and a 190mm rear disc, with regenerative braking and combined braking system (CBS) for added safety.1 seconds, while the 450 manages the same in 3. Its the most expensive scooter in India right now, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.Ather has surprised with the launch of not one, but two electric scooters called the 340 and the 450. On the performance front, the company claims that the 340 can achieve a top speed of 70kmph while the 450 is good for 80kmph. To know more about the scooter, read our in-depth first ride review or watch the video review on YouTube.What all does the subscription plan include, you ask?

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  Tesla Motors gave a sneak preview Thursday of its Model 3 sedan, saying more than 130,000 people had ordered the car, even though it is more than a year away from production. Within a half hour, that number reached 137,600 in a rolling scroll projected onto a screen. "We don't have it for you tonight — just kidding!"Three Model 3s were driven onstage. Tesla shares have jumped in recent days in anticipation of the Model 3 launch."Do you want Pressure Washers Accessoires Factory to see the car " teased Musk, to screams from the audience in the hangar-sized facility inside a Tesla design center. A new generation of Nissan Motor Co's Leaf electric car is also expected to offer more driving range at a similar price.Tesla says scale from the massive facility will cut the cost of its battery pack by 30 percent to enable the lower-priced vehicle.The Model 3 is crucial for Tesla to reach its goal of selling 500,000 cars per year by 2020.

  The Model 3 is critical to the Silicon Valley automaker's growth plans and to sustaining its lofty stock price. Musk said that 115,000 pre-orders had already been taken on Thursday alone for the car."It is important to the industry because it will signal whether or not Tesla Motors is a major threat to the status quo or just another wannabe car company with a fleeting chance for long-term success," said Kelley Blue Book's Jack Nerad. The success of Tesla's Gigafactory, its battery factory near completion in Nevada, is also contingent on the Model 3. High expectations ahead of the unveiling have restored Tesla's shares to around the $230-mark, recovering from a year low of $141. GM is on track to beat Tesla to the market with its Chevrolet Bolt electric car, which GM says will launch late this year, offering about 200 miles of electric driving range and a starting price of around $35,000.

  The Model 3 will enter a crowded field of luxury and electric cars that includes gasoline-fueled models such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series, and electric models such as the forthcoming Chevrolet Bolt EV from General Motors Co.Fans had camped out overnight, queueing outside Tesla stores across California to put down deposits on the car in scenes reminiscent of the launch of Apple Inc products.05 in February after analysts cut price targets and revenue expectations. The compact sleek four-door car with no grille features a roof that is a panoramic pane of glass from front to back.Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk unveiled a prototype of the Model 3 in Hawthorne, California outside Los Angeles to hundreds of Tesla owners and the media, saying the vehicle will go into production in 2017 at a starting price of $35,000.

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  Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd and Tata Motors were to supply another 9,500 electric vehicles to EESL out of which 40 Electric Winches per cent was to be supplied by Mahindra.On account of failure in matching the international standards of performance and mileage, Mahindra has said that it is developing a new electric vehicle which will provide a better mileage than the previous model. Both models were not capable of providing an average of more than 80-82 km on single charge in cities. Mahindra E Verito is based on its slow-selling Verito sedan model. Tata has plans to launch its Tigor electric in the market by 2019.

  Source: ZigWheels. With a Level 2 charger, you can get a charge of 7. The Thor sports a typical cruiser-like design with a round headlamp, raised handlebars, fore-set footpegs and a low saddle. A dual-channel ABS unit comes as standard here. Powering all this is a lithium-polymer battery that can be charged from zero to 80 per cent in just 40 minutes using a fast charger.7PS of power and 70Nm of torque.9 lakh with a range of 71km (ex-showroom India).5kWh in two hours, 15 kWh in four hours and 27kWh in seven hours. They will also be able to customise their motorcycle with the help of 3D software and 3D printing technology at the factory itself . The electric cruiser is priced at Rs 9. However, UM has stated that the company will soon bring a locally manufactured Renegade Thor at a price of Rs 4. UM Motorcycles has launched an electric cruiser named the Renegade Thor at the Auto Expo 2018.Stay updated with all the action at the Auto Expo 2018 by logging on to our social media channels.

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  Thus, government will play an indispensable role in creating conducive environment for larger participation of private operators at all stages of EVs adoption such as manufacturing, operation, charging systems, among others for a total shift to EVs progressively, it said.The government should rather be more of a facilitator by providing support such as subsidies and developing policy framework, it added.."The business models for e-rickshaws ideally should be such that they help in furthering adoption of EVs in the cities by ensuring better connectivity of services.Emphasising on the importance of electric three-wheelers or e-rickshaws in the Indian context, the report said urban transport systems Pressure Washers Accessoires Factory generally end up servicing the major route networks leaving first/last mile connectivity unattended.These electric three wheelers are expected to complete the value chain for public transportation by providing first/last mile connectivity or urban public transport services to the commuters, the report added.."Provision of public transport services for these cities or areas by electrification of auto-rickshaws appears to be one of the optimal solution.

  US government officials plan to meet with executives from automakers and lithium miners in early May as part of a first-of-its-kind effort to launch a national electric vehicle supply chain strategy, according to three sources familiar with the matter.While Volkswagen AG, Tesla Inc and other electric-focused automakers and battery manufacturers are expanding in the United States and investing billions in the new technology, they are reliant on mineral imports without a major push to develop more domestic mines and processing facilities.China already dominates the electric vehicle supply chain., event."Creating a domestic electric vehicle supply chain is the perfect blueprint to make America great again," said Jesse Edmondson, chief executive officer of US Critical Minerals, a start-up firm buying lithium mineral rights in the US Southeast."We need to find ways to more efficiently develop our nation’s domestic critical mineral supply because these resources are vital to both our national security and our economy," North Dakota Senator John Hoeven, a member of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said in a statement to Reuters when asked about the meeting."There’s a real opportunity in the electric vehicle supply chain if the United States wakes up," said Jonathan Evans, president of Lithium Americas, which is developing a lithium project in Nevada expected to open by 2022.

  US imports of lithium have nearly doubled since 2014 due in part to rising demand from Tesla, SK Innovation Co and others building battery plants in the country, according to the US Geological Survey.Representatives from Tesla, Ford Motor Co and General Motors Co plan to attend the Washington meeting and discuss with federal officials potential policy changes that could encourage the development of a domestic supply chain to mine, process and supply lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite for battery manufacturers and automakers, according to the sources."We have an opportunity to take a huge step forward in lithium production, and we want to support that," Asa Hutchinson, the governor of Arkansas, told Reuters.Some of those efforts were part of broader energy legislation in prior Congresses that failed, and Murkowski hopes that similar legislation will draw broader attention to the topic, according to the source. It produces nearly two-thirds of the world’s lithium-ion batteries - compared to 5 per cent for the United States - and controls most of the world’s lithium processing facilities, according to data from Benchmark Minerals Intelligence, which tracks prices for lithium and other commodities and is organizing the Washington, D.Hoeven and Senator Lisa Murkowski, chair of the Senate’s energy committee, have been invited to attend the meeting.

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  "The first product will come out in 2020."Our concept for going from classical combustion diesel and petrol engine to electrified car is really massive.. It is about standardisation of charging stations, which is not clear," he said."India needs to have a political framework and a clear vision for electric cars. For (promotion of electric cars), there has to be a lot of subsidies," director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars (India), Steffen Knapp, said here. We are not in a position at the moment. He said a development centre is coming up in Jharkhand which will manufacture compact SUVs, which he said is the fastest growing segment.Ahmedabad: India China High Pressure Washer Connectors Factory does not have a "clear vision" and "ecosystem" in place for the promotion of electric cars, a senior official of European car manufacturer Volkswagen said here on Monday.He also said that the company has announced Rs 8,000 crore investment for development in Indian products in the next five years.

  "Right now is the time to grab the market and take this global approach," Craig Wilkins, founder and Vice President of business development at ZAF Energy Systems Inc.5% from 2017 to 2022.5-times the annual production of Zinc metal in the world.5 volts and a high energy storage capacity.The growth in passenger car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle industry, along with growing application of energy storage, is expected to drive industry demand for batteries. The Lead battery industry has moved quickly to meet automotive manufacturers’ requirements for the huge micro-hybrid and start-stop segments of the electrified vehicle market.Lead is a highly recycled material. We should bear in mind that these batteries will be deployed over time, smoothing out demand.All the global producers of metals – Zinc-Lead-Lithium and of Sulphuric Acid, will have an important role to play in the near future.5 billion, far below the cost of competing materials.3 billion, Vanadium $61. Other prominent vendors in the market are: East Penn Manufacturing, ENERSYS, Umicore, Retriev Technologies, G & P Batteries, The Doe Run Company, Gopher Resource, RSR Corporation, Terrapure Environmental, COM2 Recycling Solutions, World Logistics, Aqua Metals, Raw Materials Company, Engitec Technologies, and Vinton Batteries.6 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 84.

  In July we had announced the investment. He said the industry representatives are in talks with the government regarding the same and things are in process.Knapp, who was here to mark the companys 10 years of its association with Automark Motors, one of its leading dealers in the country, said it does make sense for the company to sell electric cars in India in the absence of a clear vision on part of the government. "There needs to be a clear guidance. The vision is loose. We will launch in coming years around 70 (electric vehicle) products," Knapp said.He said government will require to give a lot of subsidies to make it viable for the company to invest in electric cars in India.

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